Hi guys I am Paul Jordaan, here to share a bit about who I am, where I come from & what I strive for on a daily basis.

I am a “plaas seun” for those of you who don’t speak Afrikaans, I am a farm boy. I grew up in a small town in the Eastern Cape, barefoot and always outside.

From a very young age I was an avid sports kid, trying out every sport there was and always very active. So you could say my passion for a healthy lifestyle started from the minute I could walk and talk!

My big passion for rugby began when I hit high school, I put my all into becoming the best version of myself I could be.

After school I went straight into playing for the South African 7’s side & South African U20s. Here I got to travel & experience so many different cultures. From there I went on to play for the Sharks Provincial side for 5 years in Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa. Of course being in this profession you are constantly aware of your physique and looking after your body to best prepare you for the grueling games you played every weekend and of course your recovery there after.

In 2016 I decided it was time to broaden my horizon with a new challenge, I am ALL about challenging myself, and so My French chapter began.

Thus La Rochelle became my new home, with its many challenges and my first injury there, I had a lot more free time and so I decided to divulge more into nutrition & what works best for ME.

And so my CARNIVORE KETO journey began, with numerous amounts of research on this new way of life I became so passionate about it that I have decided to share it all with you. Keto has changed my life for the better in SO many ways, I am full of energy, my mind is constantly awake & ready, my recovery after a rugby game is incredible, the list continues. I have ONLY benefited from this new way of life & I would love you to join me on this journey.

I love helping people transform their live's, minds and body's. If your interested in joining my Personal Training program please send me an email at and we will set up a call to see if your a good fit for the program.

Im only taking on serious clients who are willing to completely transform their live's. That means that your going to have to work hard, be dedicated and sacrifice certain things to reach your goals.

If that sounds like you, send me an email now at

By the way Im going to be charging $149 for 4 weeks of Personal Training. I will create a personal meal plan and training program according to your goals. It will also include a video call with me once a week to discuss your progress and if we need to make any changes. Plus I will be there on a daily basis to answer any questions you might have.

If you've red this far then you might be serious and if you are, then go ahead and download this QUESTIONNAIRE. Fill it in and email it back to me at